HSC KABLO & PROFILE is a manufacturer company  producing SILICONE MATERIALS that have healthy work ambient in order to save and improve the environment and environment policies.

Our production is set to suit national and international standards. Our company values a customer oriented company culture and pursues the total quality management approach. We understand that total quality management is a team job and employees, from the top management to the smallest unit , embrace this concept to the fullest.

HSC KABLO & PROFILE has an active role with the broad product range in the market.  We produces cables and wires according to national and well known international standards, IEC, BS, VDE, UL as well as special specifications and customer requirements. Quality control of the products during every stage of production is fastidiously performed at our QC laboratories equipped with the most advanced testing and measurement instruments. During each work-production step we assure the quality of our products. All our production and quality control processes are achieved by the procedures and regulations of obtained ISO 9001:2000

HSC KABLO & PROFILE has an active role in local and foreign major key projects, by offering a competitive, customer focused reliable services & products with on time deliveries.

HSC KABLO & PROFILE produces added value for her customers through a well-qualified management team as well as professional employees and a strong supplier chain. Our R&D department is continuously working towards the aim of early recognition of customer demand and a production-solution system with focus on customer satisfaction. HSC KABLO & PROFILE is becoming a valuable and indispensable brand by combining the reliable and high quality products with unconditional customer satisfaction. Our main target is to become a brand that is in demand in the market with the customer-oriented company culture that does not make a concession from quality.

We, HSC KABLO & PROFILE would like to thank you all our customers who support us and we put our best into our service and products to repay our customers for their valuable supports.